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       09/2003—07/2007 xxxxx of Fine Arts, China

       Specialty:The Chinese Ink Wash Figure Painting

       Middle School affiliated to xxxxx of Fine Arts, Beijing 09/2000—07/2003 Senior high school

       Personal Skills
       Calligraphy, Seal Cutting, Print Woodcarving, Print Stone Carving, Sculpture

       Personal Works
       2006 The works of Ink Wash Sketch named “Girls Series” was selected for the exhibition of the 4th in May Art Cover Works in xxx of Fine Arts
       07/2005 Awarded the only golden prize of China in the brushwork contest of “Silk Road of the New Century” held by xxxxxxGroup
       2005 Went to Anhui Province for Sketch, and the works of “Hong Village Series” was collected by Chinese Painting Department
       2004 The works of “going to the Countryside for Sketch” was selected for the exhibition of Teaching Excellent Works in the end of year in China Central Academy of Fine Arts
       2001 The color sketch of “Still Life” portraying Middle School Attached to xxx of Fine Arts was left in school for collection
       The works of “Still Life” was also collected into the book of “Classical Works Collection of Teachers and Students for 50 Anniversary of Middle School Attached to xxx of Fine Arts” which was published in 2004

       Teaching Experience
       Tutored the art students more than 50 prepared for College Entrance Examination during the vocation, and now these students have been accepted by all kinds of art academies and comprehensive university

       Activity Experience
       2004 Was elected as the Chairman of the second Student Union in Chinese Painting Department
       12/2003 Organized the students of Chinese Painting Department to participate in performance activity for celebrating the New Year in China Central xxof Fine Arts
       2003 Was elected as the Organization Department Secretary of Student Union of Chinese Painting Department in China xcademy of Fine Arts was elected as the Monitor and Commissary in charge of sports in class
       2003 Was elected as the Proprietor of Diligently Studying Society in China Central xx of Fine Arts

       Honor experience
       2005 Awarded the third scholarship in xxx of Fine Arts
       2004 Awarded the honor of the excellent student leader in social work in xxx of Fine Arts

       Photograph, Going to the Countryside for Multi-Culture Collaborative Learning Project (exercitation in 31 places all over the country